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Big Butterfly Valves

Yes, Burkert Supplies them too !

“Reliable control is imperative to have an HVAC system providing the correct thermal comfort and adequate indoor air quality. Burkert is able to supply large valves in sizes up to an orifice of 1200mm (48”) for applications where certain zones need to be isolated for forcing air into the usable locations and improving efficiency. The process can be further enhanced with Burkert’s Modulating Butterfly Valves which can be optimized to provide the correct ventilation by varying the thermal flow so only the required amount of air is provided.

Multiple small and large Butterfly Valves were recently selected for a sizeable project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The configuration included a Ductile Iron Body, 316SS disk, manual override, EPDM seat and with an electrical actuator which is designed to modulate through a 4-20mA analog input. The goal was to provide the perfect ventilation for maintaining acceptable indoor air quality, temperature control and removal of moisture, odours, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide and other gases through the use of Burkert’s technologically advanced products.”

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