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What does Clean in Place stand for?

A clean thing by cleaning the system without disassembly.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) has been around for approximately 50 years, and is the internal cleaning of plants on site (e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry) without disassembling them or making significant changes to them compared to the operating state. CIP is commonly used in hygiene critical industries, such Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical, to clean a wide range of plant. The process refers to the use of a mix of chemicals, heat and water to clean machinery, vessels or pipe work without dismantling plant. Various parameters, such as cleaning agent, temperature, pressure and throughput times must be determined in order to enable the reproducibility of the process. The process can be one shot, where everything goes to drain, or recovery, which recycles most of the liquid. Overall, Clean in Place can be a very efficient way of cleaning. We are the right partner for your CIP process. Inform about advantages now.

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