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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

Coil production

From wire to solenoid valve.

Comprehensive implementation of your project plan

We wind, mould and inspect our coils ourselves. This independence ensures complete quality control and traceability of solenoid valve production. Our coiling machines are capable of winding wires that are barely thicker than a human hair. The length of a coil winding can be as long as 4 km. The materials for the moulding vary according to the capacity and required chemical resistance. Every production step is followed by an automatic function check for all coils. Our high vertical diversification allows us to manufacture customised coils to match the capacity and voltage requirements of your valve.

Coil production - your added values at a glance

  • Swift realisation of your requirements
    A broad standard range of coils allows us to respond promptly to your requirements and to implement variants that are tailored to your needs on request.
  • Meeting your individual needs
    Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in developing and designing solenoid drives with various magnet steels and enclosure materials as well as electrical connection technology, we can seamlessly integrate your solution into your application.
  • Remarkable implementation speed
    Our high range of vertical in-house manufacture enables us to guarantee minimum implementation, reaction and lead times – even for customised designs.

Examples for customised Solutions:



Coils with a wide voltage range for railway vehicles and for country-specific power supplies/frequency ranges

Intelligent coils with integrated control electronics

Coils with approvals/ certifications for explosion protection and UR certifications

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