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Molten treatment within the steel production

Production of steel with varying qualities

Your benefits:

  • Process reliability during maintenance and in case of an emergency due to easy switching between MFCs
  • Easy and fast modernisation
  • Reduced installation time due to the plug & play solution

In order to produce steel in varying qualities, molten metal treatment requires precise process control, a high level of flexibility, and especially the correct supply of process gases. Depending on the desired material grade, single or combined methods, e.g. oxygen blowing and bottom stirring with argon or nitrogen are possible. Thereby, highly resistant or predefined stainless steels can be generated.

From molten steel to high quality stainless steel – Process overview

When using this argon oxygen decarburisation treatment for producing austenite stainless steel, oxygen is initially introduced into the molten metal from the top. Subsequently, nitrogen and argon are added which reduces the oxygen partial pressure. The state of the molten metal is decisive for determining which process gases need to be adapted. Argon is either introduced into the converter from the side or from the bottom. This ensures improved decarburisation and desulphurisation, thus making the process even more efficient.

Gas system for molten metal treatment

Automated and mobile ladle treatment

Stable temperature distribution within the molten metal

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Further appropriate system components for your application

Heat Treatment Application

Dynamically controlled heat treatment

Repeatable, documentable, digital

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Continious casting with a constant melting flow

Continuous casting with a constant melting flow

Uniform casting properties for optimum product quality

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Product overview for your individual and automated process solutions


Flyer Functional process gases - controlled with high repeatability

Automated process control of supporting auxiliary gases

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