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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

When it comes to water, we´re in our element.

Water is the gold of our future. No other resource is of equal importance for life itself. Experience and efficiency make the difference. That’s why at Bürkert, knowledge and competence, accumulated over many years in all areas of water chemistry and water treatment, flow into safe, efficient and original solutions.

Our solutions in the segment Water.

Whether reverse osmosis or ion exchange, boiler feed water or the sustainable use of resources such as ultrapure water – at Bürkert, we ensure the highest quality. Developing modular architectural systems for water treatment is just as much a part of our range of services as designing customised individual solutions. Our intelligent pro­cess control units, high-performance valves and high-quality sensors ensure precision no matter the process, making them more reliable and user-friendly.

Why we are organized in segments.

Bürkert’s way of thinking and working in terms of application-based segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro  instead of industries may seem unusual at first. But it allows us to dive deep into your world and gives you the opportunity to benefit from surprisingly new and individual solutions far better than the industry standard.

This organization has two simple reasons:

The first reason is you. Why? These segments establish the most simple and logical connection possible to the application world of each customer. This close relation­ship is in turn the prerequisite for a better understanding of your requirements – and not just of ‘What you do’, but more importantly, of ‘Why you do it’. The answers to these questions are the only fruitful ground on which truly customised ideas can develop.

The second reason is our Bürkert team, which is respon­sible for you and your project. Because thinking and working in terms of segments guarantees consistent technology across industries and a constant flow of knowledge transfer. The synergy of expertise and differ­ent experiences in our teams is in turn prerequisite for developing not only industry-specific but also surprising ideas – faster and more original than others.

References in the segment water:

Drinking Water Analysis

Online Analysis System Type 8905 for safe and simplified water analysis.

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Media Filtration

Water is becoming a scarce and valuable resource that affects the environment both when it’s extracted from and returned to nature. The use of particle media from sand to gravel, reduces the need for chemical addition and therefore makes media filtration an environmentally friendly treatment process.

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Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration is a state of the art treatment process utilising minimal maintenance requirements and no chemical addition. From Microfiltration to Ultrafiltration, from Nano filtration to Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Filtration is a commonly used water treatment technology. Whether you are treating wastewater, raw water or drinking water, your main focus is on consistent and reliable effluent quality. From demanding liquid separation to high purification, from particle to bacterial filtration, cost-effective and sustainable solutions are key.

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Application Ion Exchnage Demineralisation

Ion Exchange / Demineralisation

Whether it’s a pre-treatment step or a standalone process, ion exchange is commonly applied across industries such as pharmaceuticals, water treatment, chemical and power plants. Ion exchange offers peak efficiency and increased operating capacity from pre-treatment to polishing post membrane filtration.

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Application Reverse Osmosis Nano Filtration

Reverse Osmosis/ Nano Filtration

Quality standards and requirements are key drivers in the competitive field of reverse osmosis. Whether it’s raw water or waste water treatment, desalination to purification, you need reliable components and efficient systems. Because of the sensitivity of the membranes used, you need solutions continuously monitoring quality whilst providing great performance.

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Application Electro Deonisation

Electro-deionisation (EDI)

Purity – the most important requisite in the competitive field of electro-deionisation. This relatively new treatment technique combines the principles of membrane, ion exchange and electro-dialysis. EDI is the state-of-the art water purification technology, for producing pure or ultra-pure water, for the exacting semiconductor and pharma industries. Additionally for the supply of boiler feed water used to drive steam turbines in power plants.

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Key Application


pH – two letters with great significance. It is a crucial water quality parameter and can make the difference between successfully supporting an aquatic eco-system or destroying all living organisms in a lake or wastewater plant. Neutralisation is a common process for controlling the pH of water through addition of acids and bases. Whether water is discharged indirectly or directly into the water system, it has to meet strict local regulations and stay within a pH range of 6 – 9.

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Key Application

Quality Monitoring

One of our aims is to optimise raw, drinking and process water monitoring. In order to distribute best quality water, our sensors, actuators, controllers and transmitters are combined into special system solutions such as Online Monitoring Systems. With experience and expertise in quality monitoring systems for membrane technologies  we will work with you to search out, develop and deliver a tailored and specific solution for your system.

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Application Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

Whether it’s a small natural draught unit, a hybrid unit or a very large hyperboloid structure - from the super small to thermal power stations, safety and efficiency are key for the operation of cooling towers. With years of experience, we are your partner for implementing intelligent solutions into your cooling tower control system.

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Application Boiler Feed Water

Boiler Feed Water

Efficiency and stability are essential when it comes to your boiler system. Thermal efficiency is increased with the reduction of blowdown requirements. Steady and high feed water temperature supports efficiency and reduces boiler energy consumption by maximising the use of condensate return. To maximise the life cycle of your boiler while reducing maintenance requirements, it is crucial to remove dissolved oxygen in the water before supplying the boiler, preventing corrosion in boiler and steam system.

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Key Application

Process Heating & Cooling

Accurate temperature control is the key to repeatable manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, blow moulding, die-casting, thermoforming and PVD/CVD processing. Process heating and cooling is achieved by either applying or removing thermal heat or energy to or from a product, media or plant. The energy transfer medium is mostly water-based due to its high heat carrying capacity, in relation to other gaseous media.

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