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GulFood Manufacturing 2018


Feeding Imagination with Breakthrough Technology read all about what's new and don't forget to Visit Burkert at
GulFood Manufacturing Dubai 2018 @ the ‘Made in Germany’ Pavilion - Hall 2 Booth F2 – 31     


Solve your production challenge

Visit us at Gulfood Manufacturing in the ‘Made in Germany’ Pavilion to see how Burkert can help you

1. We have taken an entirely new approach to flow rate measurement!

Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) occur in nature during seismic activities, etc .We have used these effects in a patented technology for in-line flow rate measurement of liquids. According to the principle, there are absolutely no sensor elements coming into contact with the media in the measuring tube, and clear application advantages are provided over the entire product life cycle.

Flowmeters must satisfy numerous requirements in applications with hygienic requirements. Until recently, the necessary cleaning processes could only be conditionally realised. The liquids to be measured came into contact with sensor components whose influence often posed a process risk.

The FLOWave flowmeter from Bürkert opens up entirely new possibilities for hygienic and process applications. With its unique SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Waves), the device has no sensor elements in the measuring tube and makes it easy to fulfil very high hygienic requirements.


SAW Technology

Interdigital transducers* are triggered by an electrical signal and generate the surface acoustic waves. These waves spread over the pipe surface and couple into the liquid at a specific angle. The waves thereby generate reception signals    with single and multiple passes through the liquid. This takes place both with and against the flow direction. The run-time differences are proportional to the flow rate. The comparison of single and multiple waves running through the liquid enables excellent measurement performance and additional evaluations with respect to the type and characteristics of the liquids.

2. Accurate Level Measurement

There is an evident challenge in the industry to accurately measure level of sanitary tanks. The Burkert type 8138 Radar Level Transmitter complies to the most stringent hygienic requirements while providing an accuracy of +/-2mm. This device can also be used in ATEX specified areas due to it having an Ex ia IIC T6 EX approval, therefore rated for Categories 1/2G or 2G

3. Efficient CIP/SIP in Food Processing Applications

Controlling these processes reliably and effectively requires the use of automated control valves that are integrated with the main production control system and designed to withstand high temperatures and aggressive cleaning media. Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Steam-in-Place (SIP), or [Sterilisation-in-Place] systems are designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly of the process line. In more automated applications, individual lines can be isolated from the rest of the manufacturing process to enable the cleaning process to be completed without affecting productivity.

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