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The leading partner in fluid control systems

For 70 years, we at Bürkert have been devoting a lot of time and energy to liquids and gases.

And yet hardly a day goes by without new and exciting challenges which we gladly embrace — challenges that help us grow. Whether measuring or controlling, we’re fascinated by everything that flows. And without doubt, this fascination has enabled us to become a world leader in the area of Fluid Control Systems. It also drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves without losing sight of our strong values.

Process Organisation

Our efforts have created a flexible organization that is evolving every day thanks to its closeness to our customers. It is a closeness that is second nature to us as a medium-sized company. Bürkert’s expanding global network, combined with the constant optimization of our processes across all segments, allows us to exchange experience directly and develop joint solutions more quickly and effectively.

System solutions

This fascination for our business also motivates us to continue venturing beyond the confines of specific market sectors and to seek exceptional solutions to unconventional problems. The segmentation of markets is one example of the specific courage at Bürkert to diverge from standards. This allows us to deliver maximum customer benefit, especially when it comes to application-oriented system solutions, without losing sight of our product-based solutions. Is there anything more fascinating than that? Let us fuel your fascination, too. Welcome to Bürkert!

The history of the fluid expert Bürkert

From Pioneer to Market Leader

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Bürkert Locations

Find a location of your fluid expert Bürkert near you.

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The Bürkert Culture

We globally implemented the Bürkert Process Organization, to create a culture which allows us to innovate, communicate and provide the basis for flexible and open-minded Bürkert employees.

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facts and figures

Facts and Figures

An overview of Bürkert

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The Bürkert Code of Conduct

We act and live upon these values

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Affiliated Companies

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BDG Logo Automations- und Prüfsysteme


Affiliated Companies

Here you can find more Information on our partner company BDG

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CUT – The Membrane- and Module Manufacturer

CUT Membrane Technology GmbH had been established in the year 2004. As an innovative and dynamic company CUT devotes itself successfully to the production of membranes for the separation of liquid media. Since the beginning of our business activities, practically oriented advice for planning and dimensioning of filtration plants as well as different services are an integral part of our offer.

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Affiliated Companies

Here you can find more Information on our partner company ZTO

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