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Cable Plug Form A

Type 2508 / Ident No. 8368

Produkt-Foto Typ 2508

The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

  • Produkt-Foto Typ 2508
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 2508
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 2508
  • Massbild
  • Massbild
  • Massbild
  • Massbild

Plug connection 28 mm

  • Protection class IP 65
  • Numerous variants
  • Versions with high-power, power reduction and inverter for impulse valves

For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

Product description

Plug for the connection of electrical components according to DIN EN 175301-803 (previously DIN 43650, Form A). Standard version without circuit, with LED, varistor, rectifier, pole protection- or/and free wheeling diode. Variants with HL-circuit to increase performance of solenoid valves, LR-circuit to decrease power consumption and IN-circuit for control of impulse coils.

EAN Number
Commodity Codes

Technical attributes

Type 2508
Plug pattern Form A according to DIN EN 175301-803
Flat seal material NBR (Nitrile rubber)
Plug mounting screw Iron steel fusion-bonded passivated
Connector with LED Yes
Connector with varistor Yes
Electrical connection polarity Irrelevant
Protection type (IP max. with suitable connector) 65
Voltage / rated voltage 100 V
Voltage / rated voltage 240 V
AC voltage Yes
DC voltage Yes
Electrical connection output direction bottom
Electrical connection outlet angled (90°)
Electrical connection wire diameter min 6 mm
Electrical connection wire diameter max 7 mm
Electrical connection protective conductor Yes
Temperature environment min -10 °C
Temperature environment max 55 °C
Weight 0,028000 kg
Weight 0,028000 kg
Certification type
Certification number
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Applications & Tools

CAD Model

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Language / Country
ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 1000147970-A_2508_EU-DoC.pdf 823.7 kB EN,FR,DE
DTS Conector DS2508-Conector-BR-PT.pdf 119.9 kB PT / BR
DTS Gerätesteckdose DS2508-Standard-DE-DE.pdf 440 kB DE / DE
DTS Cable plug DS2508-Standard-EU-EN.pdf 428.6 kB EN / EU
DTS Connecteur DS2508-Standard-FR-FR.pdf 526.3 kB FR / FR
DTS Cable Plug to DIN EN 43650 DS2508-Standard-US-EN.pdf 355.5 kB EN / US
MAN Bedienungsanleitung 2508HL MA2508-OP.Instruct--ML.pdf 99.5 kB
MAN Bedienungsanleitung 2508LR MA2508-OP.Instruct--ML.pdf 99.5 kB
MAN Bedienungsanleitung 2508IN MA2508-OP.Instruct--ML.pdf 119.5 kB