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Pneumatic Control Unit / Feedback

Type 8697 / Ident No. 248829

Produkt-Foto Typ 8697

The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

  • Produkt-Foto Typ 8697
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 8697

Pneumatic control unit top act. 20XX

  • Compact Design
  • Integrated pilot valve with manual override
  • Integrated control air routing
  • Automatic end position adjustment
  • With ATEX II cat. 3G/D and cat. 2D/G approval

For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

Product description

The pneumatic control unit Type 8697 is optimized for integrated mounting on the ELEMENT 21XX process valve and CLASSIC 20XX series. Mechanical or inductive limit switches register the position of the valve. The integrated pilot valve controls single or double-acting actuators. The design of the control unit and the actuator enables an internal control air routing without external tubings. Besides the electrical position feedback signal the status of the device is shown directly on the control unit itself via LEDs. The housing is easy to clean and features proven IP protection and chemically resistant materials for use in hygienic processing, in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Combined with Bürkert ELEMENT actuators the unique pilot valve system enables a compressed air recycling that avoids actuator chambers contamination from the environment.

Commodity Codes

Technical attributes

Type 8697
Function Pneumatic Control Unit
Valve function manual actuation Yes
Pneumatic function 1 double acting No
Pneumatic function 1 single acting Yes
QNn value (gas) 7 l/min
Temperature environment min -10 °C
Temperature environment max 55 °C
End position feedback internal 2 PCE
End position feedback external 0 PCE
End position feedback type Inductive proximity switch PNP
End position feedback voltage min 0 V
End position feedback voltage max 24 V
End position feedback DC voltage Yes
End position feedback AC voltage No
End position feedback top yellow
End position feedback bottom yellow
For Actuator size 40 mm Yes
For Actuator size 50mm Yes
For Actuator size 63mm Yes
For Actuator size 70mm No
For Actuator size 80mm No
For Actuator size 90mm No
For Actuator size 100mm No
For Actuator size 125mm No
For Actuator size 130mm No
For Actuator size 175mm No
For Actuator size 225mm No
Port connection 1 type Inner thread
Port connection 1 thread type G
Port connection 1 thread marking 1/8
Electrical connection sort Screw terminal with cable feed-through
Voltage / rated voltage 24 V
Voltage / rated voltage 24 V
Supply system-internal No
Supply via BUS No
Supply via separating barrier No
AC voltage No
DC voltage Yes
Mounting type CLASSIC drive
Protection type (IP max. with suitable connector) 65/67
Weight 0,300000 kg
Weight 0,300000 kg
Certification type
Certification number
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Applications & Tools

CAD Model

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Language / Country
ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 1000212218-A_8697_EU-DoC.pdf 1.8 MB EN,FR,DE
DTS Pneumat. Ansteuerung/Rueckmeld DS8697-Standard-DE-DE.pdf 619 kB DE / DE
DTS Pneumat. Control Unit/Feedback DS8697-Standard-EU-EN.pdf 619.3 kB EN / EU
MAN Zulassung EX Typ 8697 MA8697-ApprovalEX-DE-DE.pdf 753.8 kB DE / DE
MAN Approval EX Type 8697 MA8697-ApprovalEX-EU-ML.pdf 752.4 kB EN / EU
MAN Certification EX Type 8697 MA8697-ApprovalEX-FR-FR.pdf 759.6 kB FR / FR
MAN Operating Instructions MA8697-Standard-EU-ML.pdf 3.8 MB EN,FR,DE / EU