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We make ideas flow.


Step inside the miniaturised world of Micro, where every drop counts.

At Bürkert our segments are your applications; Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro. Each of these segments combines a range of technologies to offer our customers individual solutions for specific applications. This is our focus.

Step inside the miniaturised world of Micro, where every drop counts. A world where precise handling of even the smallest volumes of liquid becomes refreshingly simple. Our Micro products and systems excel in a wide range of equipment from blood analysers and dialysis equipment to ink-jet printers and soft-drink vending. So much cleverness in such a small place. Small is beautiful.

Micro Key Applications

In Vitro Diagnostics

In clinical diagnostics, where throughput and reliability are key drivers, Bürkert provides peace of mind, fast. Blood, serum or urine analysis requires expertise in sample and reagent handling, flushing and waste treatment. Reliable products are key for you, and so it is our priority to deliver.

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Molecular Diagnostics / Gene Diagnostics

Today‘s advanced life science research in fields such as molecular diagnostics and genome sequencing is destined to become the standard diagnostic method of tomorrow. Bürkert is ready to help you tackle the future.

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Tissue Diagnostics

Tissue Diagnostics, where fast and accurate results make all the difference. Your diagnosis is life changing for your patient. Precision is therefore the highest priority in this process. From pre-slicing to sample analysis, we support you with accurate dosing in preparation of your tissue samples.

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Dialysis Therapy

When it comes to blood every drop counts. Precision and reliability are key drivers in dialysis therapy. The highest level of hygiene and sterility is required to return blood safely back into the patient blood stream. You trust us with the precise and safe handling of your most important liquid medium.

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Dental Treatment Centre

A visit to the dentist cannot be delayed forever but Bürkert may be able to offer much less painful treatment with its cutting-edge innovations inside your dentist’s chair.

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Digital Inkjet Printing

Across industries, from industrial inkjet, optical disc production, lubricant or glue dosing, car wash stations to commercial appliances, increasing demands are made on low volume liquid handling. One key driver is a trend for stronger or higher concentrated chemicals.

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Beverage Vending Systems

You value fine tastes and when it comes to your favourite drink, you make no exceptions. You take your Latté Macchiato preferably with a hint of caramel, and no one can mix your favourite refresher like you do. No Problem! Bürkert valves and systems are vital parts in coffee machines and allow you to mix precise amounts of flavours and syrups together for a taste of perfection.

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