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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.


Step inside the refined world of Gas, where precise control and repeatability are par for the course.

At Bürkert our segments are your applications; Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro. Each of these segments combines a range of technologies to offer our customers individual solutions for specific applications. This is our focus.



Step inside the refined world of Gas, where precise control and repeatability are par for the course. Our extensive Gas portfolio features in a diverse range of industrial applications – from infant respirators to automatic welding machines and turbine blade coatings. All of this is made possible with the power of Gas – invisible but powerful.

Gas Key Applications:

Exhaust gas aftertreatment

Dosing system for selective catalytic reduction

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Application Flame and Plasma

Flame and Plasma

Flames and plasmas are used in melting, forming, inert gas welding, cutting and brazing to alter the shapes and engineering properties of many different materials. From machinery that shapes tiny medical glass tubes to heavy equipment for cutting nine inch steel, we have an assortment of technologies that can be introduced from your early design stage to give profitable results.

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Atmosphere Control

In heat treating, melting, nitriding, and carburising, throughput and reliability are key drivers. Lean, just-in-time operations demand process security, subsystem feedback and flexibility.

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Application Gas Blending

Gas Blending

Gas blending is a very important application in the gas segment. This technology plays a key role across many industries, from heat treatment to medicine to analytics. Our components and systems are found in burners, medical equipment such as artificial respirators, packaging processes and many others. Precision and control are upper most in all of these applications. Working hand-in-hand with a host of international clients, we have developed some of the most advanced gas blending equipment in the world.

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Application Nitriding Nitrocarbonising

Nitriding and Nitrocarbonising (Nitrocarburising)

To improve quality, material surfaces can be altered to display the correct hardness, conductivity, wear behaviour, friction or aesthetics. Parts for mobile phones, aircraft, glasses, displays, beverage bottles and cars can be modified with a range of technologies from PA-CVD and thermal spraying to PVD and powder coating. For these systems, Bürkert offers the complete spectrum of components and subsystems to handle a wide range of both gases and vacuum.

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Application Medical Eqiupment

Medical Equipment

The responsibility for human life is a daily reality in the medical field. Safety is therefore the most important factor of the business. We offer you precision, reliability and safety so that you can do your job. Over the years, we have gathered expertise in a wide range of medical applications, from respirator technology, dentistry and anaesthesia to insufflators for keyhole surgery. We have direct experience in a range of applications from gas mixing and distribution to systems for sterilizing and endoscope testing.

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Analytical Systems

Tomorrow's analytical equipment will demand faster, more precise and less expensive solutions. Bürkert is ready to help you tackle the future. You give us your problem and we will use our experience in precision dosing, short response times, small footprint, low internal volumes, chemically inert materials for unaltered test results, as well as the cross contamination free components and manifolds to deliver you a reliable system that meets your specifications so that you can focus on your field of expertise.

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Application New Energy

New Energy

Bürkert has been involved in many innovative fuel ideas from biofuels to fuel cell technology. Our isolated solenoid valve technology was at the heart of the first solution to successfully tackle harsh water conditions.

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